Scramble Strong Beard V2 – Beard Stronger


Scramble Strong Beard V2 – Beard Stronger

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Strong Beard 2: Beard Stronger.

(Message from our Beard Consultant)

If there’s one thing that I learned during my time as a successful Hollywood film director, it’s 1) Always make a sequel and 2) Always add more beards. I know that’s two things but that’s another thing I learned – if you have a beard, you can say and do whatever the hell you want and not even give a crap about it.

I just dropped my private jet onto my mansion and they both exploded. So what.

Strong Beard V2: Beard Stronger features soft print on lightweight black 100% cotton tee and comes infused with the power of approximately 10 medium-length beards. Use with great caution and if you see someone else with the same t-shirt you may nod and acknowledge them but do not stand too close to them. (Think “crossing the streams” in Ghostbusters.)

Illustration by Sailor Danny

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